EMF, Privacy & Security Services

Our clients value their privacy, both in a traditional sense as well as electronically.

As an exclusive luxury real estate agency serving the Beverly-Hills & Malibu markets, we’ve responded to our clients needs by providing private, confidential services.

We also help our clients ensure that their electronic & digital privacy remains uncompromised throughout the buying process.

Celebrities, business executives, and high-end clientele have more to worry about than the average person.

That’s why we offer full-service EMF screening, to ensure that our clients aren’t inadvertently exposed to unwanted wi-fi & communications radiation – as well as preventing any form of unwanted monitoring of those clients.

These privacy concerns may not affect most people, but they matter to our clients.

In our sphere of luxury influence the ability to maintain privacy is crucial to making our real estate transactions the best, safest, and most convenient experience possible.

We conduct EM scanning of houses on request, often suggesting it for select clients, and are able to provide this service to any homebuyer through our network of luxury professionals for reasonable prices.

This value-added dedication to service is something that you don’t see in other local real estate agencies, and the reason is that they don’t cater to our exclusive clientele.

You don’t have to be in the 1% to want or afford privacy or convenience, though – you just have to demand more.

In other words, we make your real estate dreams come true. Contact us today for further information.

Privacy. Confidentiality. Security. Megan Zucaro’s team of experts go above and beyond to ensure that your entire real estate transaction is a safe, convenient experience from beginning to end.

In addition to EMF testing and our dedication to complete client confidentiality, we take your security seriously. For Megan Zucaro, that means understanding your needs when it comes to security, and being able to analyze prospective homes to ensure they meet your standards for safety

We’ve worked with all of the top security companies in the Beverly-Hills & Malibu areas, and we’re able to offer you trusted recommendations for the top local vendors.

Whether your new home needs a security system, or just needs a thorough inspection of the existing one, Megan Zucaro is one of the only real estate agencies capable of helping you protect and maintain your security.

Our team can also give you recommendations on trusted locksmiths, fence repair, gate installation & maintenance, along with leading smart-home appliance and remote monitoring vendors to help you find peace of mind in your new home.

We put our white-glove service from day one, helping to review prospective homes to ensure they meet all of your criteria for safety and security before we present them to you.

If a home is perfect, but needs some work – we’ll let you know, and try to help you price out what those repairs & upgrades will cost.

Contact us today to learn more about how Megan’s team of real estate experts can help make your next real estate transaction a quick, easy & painless experience that lets you focus on what really matters in life.

Leave the hard work of completing your real estate deals to us, while you get on with your life.