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This book will truly teach you 30 years of combined experience from Megan and Zeke! if you want to buy, sell, or save your home this is the book for you! After the 2007 financial crisis Megan realized there was wasn’t an unbiased resource to help, so Megan took everything she’d learned to help people across the country!

In this remarkable volume, Megan & Zeke share their insights into how to effectively manage your time & income to eliminate your debt! Yes, it’s that simple: by effectively managing your time and efficiently organizing your finances, you can learn the secrets to eliminating all of your debt – a lot faster than you might believe possible!

What could be more beneficial than sitting in a room with twenty-three of America’s most talented and successful women and learning their strategies for success? Read Megan’s story in “Remarkable Women”, you’ll meet professionals from all walks of life and discover how they’re making a difference, and how you can, too!

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