About Megan Zucaro

Megan grew up as a kid on a hobby farm in Minnesota bailing hail and delivering baby lambs. She’s come a long way since then – achieving success as a model, news anchor & entrepeneur, financial planner, author of 3 books, professional speaker for 5 years, as well as being crowned Mrs. Texas and having worked as a television host. Megan  has carved out a piece of the American Dream with sheer will, determination and vision.  Her life and success is a true testament to the fact that anyone can change their stars… if they just believe.

She earned her B.A. degree in Journalism, News/Broadcast from the University of Minnesota.  Growing up in a very successful family with her Father owning a CPA firm in Minneapolis she choose a different path.

Megan began her career as an on air Model for the Fashion Channel, then moving on to become the nightly news anchor for the ABC Network in Austin, MN.

She then became a licensed Financial Planner (series 6, 63, 25, 65) Megan was promoted to Management within 18 months after being the number one agent for the International Company her first year and the first female in record time promoted to management with the International Firm.  She took the worst office in the US to number two in the World within 2 years managing 100 people at the age of 30.   After having three children Megan became a Mortgage Broker and opened an office and within 6 months had 40 employees and sold to MBI Financial a publicly traded Co in Texas 2 years later.

Megan moved to LA and got her Real Estate License to assist with the demand of people that requested her help due to her Expertise and back ground in Finance, Real Estate, and private money lending that her and her family participate in.

In 2010 Megan was asked by Sotheby’s the Largest International Firm in Real Estate to join their firm on the West Side of Los Angeles.  Megan is asked frequently on  Radio shows to help people in a variety of Financial and Real Estate needs.

Her real estate portfolio has included all over the country.  Megan was Crowned Mrs. Texas May of 2007; from 2007-2010 Megan has toured the U.S. as Professional Speaker and Trainer, “Finance and Fund it”.  Creative solutions For Buying, Saving and selling homes, her books that have been published.

Megan and her Family Reside in Los Angeles  California where they are building the Franchise of  Real Estate Conceriege’s by MegaZee daily.

Megan Zucaro, Founder and President of Real Estate Concierges by MegaZee.  Out of Necessity Real Estate Conceriege’s has become the new Real Estate trend.  ” We are in the people business NOT the house business, MegaZee“.

From working in Real Estate for 15 years the Concierges came from necessity because clients wanted us to help them with so many things other than just finding a home or selling a home they needed a full service Real Estate Expert.   We help people from Home to Home and everything in between, from Driving them to moving them to counseling them to helping with their family and kids.  We have taking  Real Estate to a new level and you can see the vehicle cruising around town with clients happily house hunting with families and children in tow.  It becomes a family affair weather you are buying or selling your home it is really easy with the Real Estate Conceriege’s by MegaZee.

Megan is successful because she helps everyone who wants to buy a home weather they can afford $150,000  – 1 million she is about helping people achieve their dreams of owning a home and that is what makes Megan very different.

” I believe Home Ownership does matter and it changes families futures.  I am the person that can help them find their dream home and their families  biggest asset,  If you want a home I will help you buy it.”   Megan Zucaro